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Quality and Affordable Car Repair, Engine Tune Up, Alignment & Replacement

Any auto service in Brampton and Mississauga needs a high level of skill for technicians as the car repairs, engine tune up, replacement and maintenance could be tricky for inexperienced workers. The common problem with such repair jobs is that the mechanic may end up jeopardizing the repair because of inexperience, and you might end up having your car undergo replacements instead of a mere repairs.

Here at Cars 'R' Us, we take pride to have a powerhouse team of automotive experts to provide our Brampton and Mississauga clients with superior auto repairs, engine tune ups and replacements at competitive prices. All our mechanics have factor- training credentials and knowledgeable about the different models in the car market. With this, we can assure our clients in Brampton and Mississauga clients that we can deliver quality results in every repair, engine tune up, maintenance and replacement service we provide.

For more than 20 years, Cars 'R' Us has also been the go to and tinkering hub for major and minor car repairs and engine problems. Whether you’re looking for brakes or tire repair, wheel alignment service, detailing, transmission replacement, we have all your needs covered!

Below is the list of our comprehensive services in Mississauga and Brampton area. If you have any question about any of the service or there is a service you don’t see, please contact us and let us help you find the solution for your needs.

Auto Services

Repairs & Replacements

  • BRAKE - Pad, Shoe, Rotor. Drum. Caliper. Noise, Vibration, Line. Master cylinder. Wheel cylinder.
  • TIRE - Patch. Installation. Rotate. Balance. Wear. Noise. Bearing. Rim. All season. Winter.
  • SENSOR - Check engine light. Service engine soon. Air bag. Abs. Tire pressure. Oxygen sensor
  • ELECTRICAL Bulb. Signals. Lights. Wiring. Short. Battery drain. Starter. Alternator. Battery.
  • ENGINE Noise. Leak. Vibration. Belt. Timing belt. Head gasket. Intake manifold gasket. Exhaust manifold gasket. Seal. Mount. Tune up. Spark plugs. Oil change. Replace. Swap
  • TRANSMISSION - Slip. Jerks. Service. Flush. Replace. Shaft. Drive axle. CV shaft. Filter Change. Differential. Transfer case. Propeller shaft.
  • EXHAUST - Leak. Noise. Rattle. Pipe. Gasket. Catalytic convertor. Muffler. Resonator.
  • MUFFLER - Leak. Loud. Noise. Replace.
  • RADIATOR - Leak. Replace. Overheat. Overflow. Fan. Hose. Coolant. Antifreeze.
  • SUSPENSION - Noise. Bal Joint. Tie rod end. Shock. Shocker. Strut. Spring. Spindle. Control arm. Tire. Rim. Bearing. Alignment.
  • HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING - No heat. Fan. Compressor. Evaporator. Condenser. Heater core. AC gas. Coolant. Flush. Recharge. Thermostat.
  • Safety Inspections
  • Bumper to bumper inspection
  • Brake inspection and service
  • Oil Changes
  • Scanning
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Tune Up
  • Engine Cleaning
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Transmission Service or Flush
  • Cooling system service or flush
  • Shockers/Shocks/Struts
  • Windshield Replace
  • Towing Services
  • Buy scrap cars

If your needs have anything to do at all with all our services above, we are definitely your guys. Give us a ring and let us show you how we can help transform your vehicle to be its best and safest version yet.


We are committed to provide our Mississauga and Brampton clients with only quality services at affordable prices. We are also please to give our clients with savings and discounts by providing promotions and coupons. View our printable COUPON below:

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